Animation Replaying?

I creative a sprite that has 5 different animations in it, and I want them to play in a row. Below is a script I created to do this, however after it plays the “Hm?” Animation, it replays itself from that point, not continuing the other animations.

The script is like this: (when scene starts) (or whatever its called qq)
Set Scene1 Animation to 0
Play Scene1 Animation
When Scene1 Animation is Finished
Set Scene1 Animation to 1
Play Scene1 Animation

(and so on until Scene 1 animation = 5)

I’m not sure what would be the problem with your event but instead of going through every single animation one by one, I would try something like this:

This way, even if you have 100 animations to play, you don’t need to trigger them one by one and in case you want to replay any part of the animations, simply set the value of the animation variable. For example if you want to replay the animation from 0, set the animation variable back to 0 and set the animation of the sprite using the variable.

EDIT:// In case you want to do this with multiple instances of the same sprite, don’t forget to use For each object event and object variables instead of scene variables.

Hm. This doesn’t seem to work. It stops after the second animation is played.

Nevermind! I just messed something up, thank you so much!

I have just tested and it works on my side.