Animation stuck on first frame

Hi! I’m kinda new. I’m having a problem with a pushing animation

I’m using collision condition to it and whenever I’m in collision with the object the animation always stucks at first frame so it’s look like my charactere is sliding.

Hi, this topic has been discussed quite a lot. Here is one thread with the most likely solution for your problem Only the first frame of the animation appears

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How do you push your block?
You need to find a way to not reset the animation, each time you recollide.
I recommend using states.
If in collusion with box change state to push.
If not in collusion with box, reset a timer.
If timer is greater then your collusion
interruptions, set state to idle/walk what have you

Another way would be to use a collider object, that is bigger then the pushing hitbox, and check collusion with that to change animations

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This is my event. what do u think?
thanks btw

hey whats your speed in platformer behavior some time keeping it low causes problem like that i have faced it