Animations flash/flip back and forth between animations

Hello All,

I’ve been trying to learn GDevelop 5 by building a castlevania style platformer using free assets from

Everything was going along fantastic. However, I seem to be running into bizarre issues with a combination of the controls and the animations.

I’m trying to make it so my character changes animations during each of the following:


Originally, I tried just using pressed-key based conditions, and switching the animations. When doing that, I ended up with an issue where the sprite would flicker between animations upon landing a jump. (Gif link:

Then I tried using the event setup as shown in the demo platformer (having a separate hidden sprite for hitbox, and just changing the animations of a non-collision sprite that is linked to the hitbox’s location).
Now I’m running into issues when I start/stop running.

I’ve tried a few different permutations, but I can’t seem to solve this on any of them. The other issue I have is the animation assets I have are slightly different sizes, which leads to weird center positioning, so I’m having to move the x/y of the animation sprite when it is activated.

I’ve attached a zip of my project file (Without the music file, so you might want to remove unused music files if you view the project), and if you go to the scene “Stage 1” and preview it you can see what I mean. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Edit: I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the sprites, but I’m not sure how to fix it. I don’t know if it’s due to the points or the hitboxes or what.
CastlePlat.7z (272 KB)

There is definitely a problem with the jump animation as the jump is built into it, so as well as moving the player object upwards when jump is pressed, the animation moves the player image upwards too. When you add this to the fact that the jump sprites are all taller than the run sprites then it is not surprising that there are visual glitches in the position of the player.

There are also some issues with the events in the project file, in particular that the change to the jump animation is a sub-event of checking if the hero is on the floor, so will never trigger. It needs to be its own animation. These are separate to the basic problem of the sprites not being suitable, though.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it has to do with the animations. My best guess is this has to do with how gDevelop does animations based off hitboxes and/or points, and since these animations have so wildly different dimensions due to the various frames, it’s too much. Switching to another hero sprite set that has all the same sized dimensions solved the issues.

I did clean up my controls/animations quite a bit, but since I was adding an attack I just made my own controls.

Here’s my new control events for anyone interested.