Any alternatives to yarn? Dialogue System

Hello, when creating dialogs in Yarn, I ran into a problem, there is no basic function - displaying a response depending on the value of a variable. That is, in Yarn it is impossible to fully create an RPG dialogue system, where some answer options would be available only if the player has a certain skill, item, etc. I do not consider creating additional dialogue branches and nodes as a solution, because in this way it is impossible to create a dialogue with more than 1 check at once, besides, it is terribly inconvenient if we are talking about the full use of the dialogue system and skills.

Please share what are the alternatives for Yarn? Is it possible to create a conviniet dialog system without having to create an entire wall of actions for each individual dialogue?
With features such as displaying variables in text, displaying text depending on the value of a variable, displaying answer options depending on the value of a variable, or changing variables ​​in Gdevelop through a dialog?
Unfortunately, from all of the above, Yarn lacks only the function for displaying response options based on variables, but this is precisely what makes it completely useless in my case.
Thank you.