Any good free screenshot tool?

Hi. I would like to turn some animated 3D models into sprite sheets to use in GD. I know that there are some dedicated tools to make sprite sheet out of 3D models, but a screenshot tool would do also. The plan is to make screenshots of 3D model, every frame and I’ll do the rest in photo editor. But I can’t find any good free screenshot tool. Anybody could offer a free screenshot tool that able to make screenshots of the screen and\or window every frame?

Thanks :slight_smile:

GD doesn’t support spritesheets anyway. You’d need to split them back into single images afterwards. So why not save yourself trouble and render animation to multiple files (each file being one frame) in whatever modeling tool you’re using?

Thanks. I know that sprite sheet is not supported, that’s the reason I thought about using screenshot tool so I have separated images of every frame. Rendering every frame of the animation into images, takes very long time on my PC (I’m using Blender). A screenshot tool, would do in few sec and also make it possible to load 3D object into a game engine, apply some nice shaders, shadows, lights and make nice shots every frame of the animation inside the engine still faster than Blender can render it for me. But if I can’t find any good screenshot tool I have no other choice than, wait for Blender to render every frame or do it on Linux.

On Linux I could use record my desktop for example, as it make screenshots every frame of the selected area but unfortunately I can’t find any similar free tool for Windows :frowning:

You can try, the only free renderfarm I know of, the only bad thing about it is that your file will be put into queue and will be rendered after some time. I dunno if it support rendering into multiple files though. You can also use simplest method: print screening, pasting into image editor and cropping it.

Greenshot is a great tool to do screenshots, you could give it a try :slight_smile: (

Thanks, looks very promising, maybe I’ll try it one day :slight_smile:
Greenshot also very good, it is a pretty complete and smart tool, It can name screenshots automatically, open save location automatically, create folders automatically, and able to make multiple screenshots of full desktop, selected area or window, even can select window automatically, very smart tool. I like it, the best free option on Windows so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for all help.

Anybody know a good screenshot tool for Ubuntu (Linux)?
Unfortunately Greenshot is windows only and I can’t find any good screenshot tool in the Software Centre. All of them I find is making only 1 single screenshot but I would like to make multiple shots of the screen.
I used recordmydesktop before, because basically it making screenshots and make the video out of the images, but now I have just installed and the recent version compressing the screenshots in to img.out file and I don’t know how to open this file to get the images or I just don’t remember how I did it before :frowning:

So, anybody know a good screenshot tool for Ubuntu that can make multiple shots of the screen as long as I want, something similar to Greenshot?
Or anybody know how the get actual images out of recordmydesktop?
Any solution would be great.


I decided finally to write a shell script to make a screenshot of the desktop multiple times, if anybody need something like this, here we go:
It using gnome screenshot tool.


while (($counter < 5)); do
gnome-screenshot -p --window --delay=1 --file=image$counter.png


-p : to show pointer, if you want to hide pointer delet this action
–window : to capture only the active window, if you want to capture the whole desktop, delete this action
–delay=1 : wait 1 sec between two pictures if you don’t want to wat, just delete this action
–file=image$counter : name of the image (image) and number ($counter)
while (($counter < 5)) : make 5 pictures all together

Not perfect, especially I’m not happy with the quality of the screenshots and also not happy about that I can’t start and stop whenever I want, have to be determined how many screenshot to make but at least it something if anybody need something similar.

Just copy the code in to a text file and save it as then in the properties allow the execution of the file.

I’ve rewritten this script so you can choose how many shots and what delay you want using commandline parameters. Keep in mind that I have no way of testing it and it is written from memory.


while (($counter < $1)); do
gnome-screenshot -p --window --delay=$2 --file=image$counter.png

calling this with 5 1

where is name of the script, will make it work like original code did.

Thanks Darkhog, your solution was make me wonder if I could actually make a GUI for this thing, I was google it a bit and I found Zenity.
So I just using Zenity to use a simple GUI to choose how many shots you want to make, time of delay, you want pointer or not, you want the entire screen or only the active window and you can enter a name to use with screenshots :slight_smile:


shots=$(zenity --scale --text=“Number of screenshots to make?” --value=“20” --min-value=“0” --max-value=“200” –step=“5”)
delay=$(zenity --scale --text=“Time of delay between shots (in seconds)?” --value=“1” --min-value=“0” --max-value=“100”)

zenity --question --text=“Include pointer with the screenshot?”
if(($? == “0”))

zenity --question --text=“Grab active Window instead of the entire screen?”
if(($? == “0”))

name=$(zenity --entry --text=“Enter name of images”)

while (($counter < $shots)); do
gnome-screenshot $cursor $window --delay=$delay --file=$name$counter.png

Cool! :sunglasses:

This is power of open source at work! :slight_smile: