Anyone Experiencing Lag/Crashed Since Latest Update?

Been experience horrible lagging & crashes since the 5.134 update. Can’t get any work done.

Not me, mine is working fine. Maybe try an uninstall followed by a reinstall of the latest version?

I also can’t reproduce this, but I have heard some others having weird issues.

I know that there was an Electron update with the most recent updates, which also includes an updated chromium, which means it may also include an update to the minimum requirements for WebGL and canvas rendering.

Give MrMen’s recommendation a shot first, and let us know the results.

If it doesn’t work, we’ll also need to know your CPU, GPU, Ram, and Windows version.

Will it be okay if i say my pc specs?

Yes, but I’d recommend keeping it in your thread to ensure we’re tracking them accurately. If we need to do a merged thread I’ll pull them together.

Sorry for the late reply, so yeah tried to do a clean install first by uninstalling & reinstalling the latest version. Still a lot the same extreme slog/slow down. Everything was working perfectly until this latest update. Should/could I install the previous version until the next update.

PC Specs:
Windows 8 64 Bit
AMD E300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 4GB Ram, AMD Radeon HD 6310

AMD Radeon HD 6310

This GPU is 12 years old, so I wonder if your graphics drivers are up to date. Can you ensure you update them to the latest version provided by AMD?

There is a good chance this could be the update to the internal Chrome version which disabled the support for WebGL/hardware acceleration for rendering.

EDIT: Can you check if you have slow performance in the web-app too?

So it’s a bit choppy with the Online Editor but quicker than the Native editor.

Everything was running smoothly & flawlessly til the latest update. Does this mean I have to update my PC or lose all my work? Because can’t afford any updates atm :pensive: