Anyone tried to compile GD on Mac?

Can you do that?

I think is not possible cause GDide don’t will start. But i’m not sure :question:

We should try because WxWidgets, SFML and Boost are compatible with Mac OS. If somebody has a Mac and time to try to build it…

Ok cool :smiley:
It works if it compilled on a virtual machine ?
Cause it’s easy to install mac os x + virtualbox :slight_smile:

Yes, it should not be a problem to build GD (SFML, wxWidgets needs to be build on Mac obviously) on a virtual machine, but it will be more complicated for testing as Hardware acceleration isn’t something the virtual machines are good at.

Ok, i can try to compil it if you send to me steps (par mp ?)

It’s similar to the Linux built but I don’t know at all how the compilation works on OSX.