Anytime I tried downloading my finished game

Anytime I tried downloading my finished project on g develop in APK it’s always downloading a zip file that doesn’t contain the app at all. What do you think I’m doing wrong?

Since an apk is a zip file, I am guessing that the filename is simply wrong for some reason. try to rename the .zip to a .apk.

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Do you mean I should change the name before downloading it?

The Zip file use to be of max 6.2mb so I no I does not contain the app at all. All my apps are still stuck in there I can’t download them.

@arthuro555 is saying, change the file extension by renaming the file from to file.apk.

This is what it’s always show after building on the software and, I clicked on download. I tried renaming it as you said but, it’s impossible.

Hey, which browser is it? And what are these?

You need to rename the downloaded file, not your game itself. Download it to somewhere you can access, then rename it from to game.apk.

Edit: I’ve also tested and have confirmed this is a setting on your browser or something else on your local machine/settings. It’s likely what Arthuro mentioned, where your browser is seeing it as a zip and deciding to save it as such. A rename after downloading should work fine.

This is the new problem I’m facing when I want to download the game. I have tried it 5 different times, and my internet connection in quiet strong.

You have 0 remaining builds for today

error 403 is an HTML error code. It means is forbidden/denied access. As Mixen posted above, you’ve used up all of your builds.

You will get another build 24 hours after your last completed one.

This is my download tab, and if I tried clicking it something else will appear. Like this, I tried renaming it some are impossible to rename while others that I rename didn’t change at all. What do you think I should do?

You still aren’t doing what was instructed.

In your screenshot you have opened the file and are trying to rename files in it.

You need to go to the folder you downloaded to. Then rename to game.apk.

If you already have a game.apk in the download folder, you won’t be able to rename another file to the same name.

I’m using the Microsoft Edge browser and I can’t rename it on it, I would have to click it through to open in the Download folder and there’re a lot of zip files there, I don’t even know which is the recently downloaded file

Is there a way for me to change the default browser for opening any Gdevelop project to chrome?

Your Edge Download folder is just a folder named “Downloads”. All files in it work the same way they do in the rest of windows. In your screenshot, you opened “game (2).zip”. You need to go up to the parent Downloads folder and locate the game (2).zip file. You could also just sort that downloads folder by “Date Modified” to find the newest or oldest files.

This forum isn’t really for teaching base level Windows functionality, so if you’re unable to locate the file after the above, there’s not much other help I can provide.

Again, GDevelop doesn’t have anything special here. Your computer decides what is your default browser, there isn’t a “GDevelop default browser”. You would need to change your default browser in Windows to Chrome, to have GDevelop use that instead.