api implementation doubt

Hello everyone, my name is Alvaro;I am designer 2d / 3d.
I’ve seen GDevelop in a forum and I’ve installed it, is very interesting and I think is a good tool to develop video games.
I searched in the forum about some things and have not found anything about it, maybe I didn’t know how to search about it, so I will raise these doubts.

I wonder if we can implement spilgames api and/or famobi without problems and how?
It’s also happened to me, regarding the score text in the platform tutorial by integrating the text object on stage, when testing the game in the browser I see all black and the game not appears.
Anyone have any idea why and if we can use an other text editor plugin for ingame objects?



If you see a black screen, be sure to refresh your webbrowser cache. :wink: