App Crash - android 4

Hey all,

Everything works fine in the preview in the gdevelop windows app. But when i try to play the game on my android phone (android 4) the game crashes after it loads. The previous build could only play the first level and then crashes. And the build before that, everything worked fine. But when it worked fine, the game was 200mb. Now on this build its over 600mb.

So, what is wrong? Is gdevelop optimized for android 4. Or which is the recommended version of android for gdevelop apps?
And can somebody look at my .apk, if it works on a modern android phone. If i can get this confirmed, then i think it’s best to buy a testing android phone.

Thanks in advance!

I think Android 5 is a minimum.
But maybe your game is compatible but just too big for your phone… 600MB is a lot!

I still have 626mb left on the storage on my phone. So i don’t know how it doesn’t even start the game.
But i have played games from the app store, that has slow or crappy framerate.

So i just want a confirmation if its just my Phone. And if somebody can check if this is the case, and the game works on a better Phone with higher android. Then i could decide to buy a new test android Phone. Or to test on IOS (but has more of a workaround.)

Send the APK i can test on my wiko view 3 (android9), but if your game is heavy, maybe your phone canno’t load the assets in memory, not enough ram maybe? i don’t know its hypotetic, and android 4 have nine years old. It’s very old for a phone.

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Thank you.
I’ve installed the game and i can play but at 3fps.
Your game is very very heavy and not optimized at all.

559 images for animate the blue wall is very very heavy, all these images used 117Mo in your game. And it’s same for all other animation, you use too many image.

[x] tuin.png 7821x1768px
[x] kamer kinderen.png 3342x2503 px, you shouldn’t over 2048px.

Check all your sprites. Reduce the number of sprites, and size.

I said again phone haven’t same performance than computer.
And a game like this on a old computer may not playable either i suppose.

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Yes, like Bouh said, I did not mean the internal storage, I meant the RAM to load the game.