Apply Force performance Issue

thanks man, gonna try right now

This build is nightly or something else?

didnt notice any changes @Gruk the issue is still happening. Its really some kind of rendering lag

I think this is Davy’s build trying to fix some oddities in Platformer behaviors.

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Oh, only the main character is plat character. And the walls are platforms (turned into jumpthru when immunity gauge is full)

Enemies are just sprite objects with apply force.

The issue happens in the credits too. It’s less noticeable but it happens. And there’s almost no event on credits.

You can still change force action by simple position action.
Only where you didn’t use trigger once.


For example

Change to

thanks! gonna try this with the credits, and also with the enemies. lets hope it works

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Well, it didn’t. There’s still something very wrong and I can’t find what it is. I don’t know how forces work, but if I had the same problem with this position*timedelta alternative, its more like a rendering problem than a applyforce problem.

I cracked my head and coudn’t find another way to fix the issues. I’m almost 1 million downloads, so theres a lot of people with lower spec cellphones having this issue very often. That kinda sucks, I never had this problem with games that are not infinite runners.

Just wandering why don’t you just add a Tween behavior to the credits Object then just use
Tween from start Y to new Y position?

I can try it for the credits. But i think it would be a little harder for the monsters, right? once that they keep changing the direction and speed, and also, i always thought that tween behavior is a very heavy behavior. is that wrong?

Well it is a bit heavy, but you can always trigger the Tween then after finish remove the tween, sometimes destroying the Object where the Tween was applied and sometimes just remove the Tween only.

I use it all the time for a text object that display enemies damage when the player attack on them so I create a text at enemy position with a Tween to move from enemy.X(), enemy.Y() to up.
Something like this.

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And if you add a gradual fade on top, it’d make for a nice looking effect :smiley:

how can i do that? I think i never saw this gradual fade option on gdevelop

The easiest way is to add an opacity tween, to fade from opaque to transparent. So you’ll end up with 2 tweens on the object.

This topic is sidetracking a lot, please focus on the performance/glitch issue or open another topic. It will be harder for the devs to investigate the issue if there’s a lot of unrelated talk.
Thanks :slight_smile:

@IttaloXD Thanks for trying the update.
I asked you a few questions about the frame rates and the previews/exports that remain unanswered.
I cannot open a proper bug report until all my questions have been answered.
Thanks for your help.
As I said earlier, it’s quite an annoying bug, because none of us has been able to reproduce it on our side. :disappointed:

sorry I didn’t give you a proper answer. I’ve tried some combinations of FPS configs. 30 min 60 max. 60 min 60 max. 60 min 0 max. and 30 min 0 max.

The problem rarely occurs on preview and web. unless I start debbugger, than it happens a lot. And its quite common on mobile. Some robust cellphones have less.

You’ll not notice the issue if you play over and over again. But in the first 5 runs its very noticeable.

I cant say if it happens on iphone because I don’t have one. My programmer said it didn’t notice

It sounds like a good old hardware limitation, especially if the problem is worse with debugger.
Try a max FPS of 20 or 30, let us know what happens.
Also, if your target is only mobile devices, HD resolution is probably not necessary and hinders performance.

On my side, I tried setting myself immune and letting the game run, both on PC and through network preview on my mobile, and even at very high speed, I didn’t reproduce the issue. Only a minor glitch when I land on walls.
But my phone is powerful and has a small screen, so I suppose that helps.

is there a way to change resolution after the game is finished without having to deal with everything else recalculated?

I’m afraid not, only if you had used the Anchor extension or proportional values like SceneWindowWidth()/4 and such.