Apply forces doesn't ignore the origin of the sprite

Apply forces to a position/object should take the origin of the sprite and not the 0,0.

The forces and impulses are applied at the object’s center of mass, that’s why the force doesn’t rotate the object, otherwise there would be a torque.

I haven’t noticed this yet, but I did notice something similar.

Scaling. When I scale, it IS on 0, 0. Force seems ok to me (centralized), but scaling is seemingly on a 0, 0 relative rather than center. Any suggestions on that also?

for example, I make a square. I put it in the scene. I add events where mouseover scales it up by 5% and back down when mouse is not over the sprite/object. The scale goes from 0, 0 down and to the right, rather than centered for all edges to scale away equally. Hope that makes sense

That’s to keep the object position unmodified on scaling: If the scaling anchor isn’t at the object origin, scaling an object would move it too. To make it scaling from the center just put the object Origin point at the center :slight_smile:
Personally, I think the Origin and Centre points should be the same, a lot of extra math for a little offset helping in the object positioning :neutral_face:

That makes perfect sense :slight_smile: Thank you for the quick reply! I am still reading the tuts and all so Ill figure how to do that and should be all set! It will be great help for me :slight_smile:

In the meantime, if I cannot find this information, I will add what I find out to the wiki and if you happen to know how to change origin, let me know if you have time :slight_smile: Thanks again!