Applying a license to a project

Can I use a free software/open source license to my GD project? If yes, what license do you recommend? Is a Creative Commons license usable in this situation?

How can it be possible if, for example, a GPL license is chosen? Should I include the copyright and license notes in the top of the source .gdg file (which seems to be a sort of XML file)?

I know that’s a lot of questions, but I thank for the considerations in advance. :wink:

Yes, you can choose any license for your projet: If you share it, include a Readme file with the license and it should be ok :slight_smile:
You can also add a comment in the events of your game to tell the reader to refer to this Readme file :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english,
You can do what you want of your GD project.
If you use a GPL licence, you should give the sources, not with a Creative Commons licence.
I recommend NOL licence (No Obligation Licence), you do what you want.
Or write your own licence.

Thank you for the useful replies! :smiley:

I think now its clear that the “event comments” work the same way as traditional “code comments” commonly used to store license information.