Applying separate text values to specific instances of an object

I am creating a system within my game which needs let the user create a list. It needs to be able to add and subtract these boxes while using the same sprite for each one similar to this:

It also needs to be able to give the user full control over what goes in each box and save each of these values separately so they can be loaded when required, somewhat similar to this:

I have no where to start on this since all I can do is make copies of the sprite in the right places.

Any help is appreciated, I can provide more data if necessary.

Hi, If I had to do it (and I am no expert by any means), I would assign a variable to each text box as added, and then store the value to file so they will be retained on the next opening ie:
Activate Capture by ADDED TEXT of the text eneterd with keyboard: yes
change text of txtbox1 set to ADDEDTEXT.String()
change the text of scene variable ADDEDTEXTHERE set to ADDEDTEXT.String()
Write SceneVariableString(ADDEDTEXTHERE) in TextBox1 of storage “save”

That was a ROUGH approximation, and then just read the file back in when loading the game up again. Hope that helps point you in a direction, don’t know if it is the best, but it is a direction :slight_smile: