Arrange the cards in correct order game

Hi everyone, would anybody have an idea how to make an “arrange the cards in correct order to win” game ? Really appreciate the help.

If each card has a value variable, you can then compare their X or Y position and their value to see if they are properly sorted. You need to figure out the exact math algorithm. Start with two then three cards to make it easier. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea, I tried using variables and comparing their X and Y positions, but still I couldn’t set the win condition that if cards are sorted in this so and so order you win the game. Do you have any suggestion how to do that?

It depends on your game.
For instance, if you have slots where to place the cards, you can give a number to the slots, and numbers to the cards, and if they are in collision and have the same number, the card is well placed.

yeah i did it by comparing values and positions… thanks

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