Astral Masane (Shoot 'em up) - beta version 0.51

Hallo people!
I present myself, Thomas de Borgoña, member of the forum of GDevelop since February 2013. After being remained exclusively in the French-speaking forum, I come on the English forum to present the game to you that Blady and me develop since now more than one year: Astral Masane.

It is a horizontal shot 'em up. You control Masane, a small very round character, who must fight Scandiberrie, malicious an outlaw who wants to conquer the Nuibie planet. The objective of Masane is thus to kill out of cold blood… uh sorry …to reduce to nothing all the Scandiberrie’s army! :smiling_imp:

For this afternoon, beta release 0.5 has been available on our ftp. It comprises the first two levels (the first world), just like the majority of the elements of the interface.

You can download it here:
Do not hesitate to react! Your returns are very important for us. :slight_smile:

PS: To benefit from the English game, do not forget to click on the red button in bottom on the left of the launcher:

I know that it is double-post, but I wanted absolutely to present version [size=150]0.51[/size] of our game. :slight_smile:

This one proposes various new features. Among them, a better translation in English, dialogues for better understanding the game, the introduction of a new scene for future level 2-2 (with a new boss: Panteuy), and still of other things.