I was a little bored during the holidays and because of lack of idea I decided to remake one of my old favourite: Asteroids.

I picked this one because the gameplay and graphics is simple enough to be able to complete it within the time frame I had and so I did. Today I have just wrapped everything up and published on

You have a single chance to destroy as many asteroids and as fast as you can. The number of bullets you can shoot within certain time is limited of course, the weapon need to charge so you just can not shoot blindly, make sure every bullet is count. It might be a good base to take it further and add more gameplay in the future.
During it development actually I had lot of ideas to add and make it to be more than just a remake but I don’t know just yet if I’m going to have time and so I decided to stick to the original plan and get the core gameplay done for now.

Maybe it is the 1000th remake and not even a good one, but this one is made in GDevelop :slight_smile:

The sounds are in .ogg format so it might not going to work in IE, Edge and Safari browsers.

There are some bugs on Linux. The engine of the ship just sounds horrible on Linux, it sounds like it playing on multiple channels or something but I don’t experience it on Windows 10 and the events should not allow that.
Also, I have just added a splash screen to credit Eric Matyas for the music but the text object is shifted to the right on Linux but on Windows it is where it supposed to be, in the middle :confused:



-added improved sound effects
-added shield and hull integrity that is reduced on collision with asteroids
-added minerals to collect and use it to upgrade the hull, laser, shield, core and engine of the ship 


-core gameplay (asteroids remake)

I have uploaded a new version (v0.32).
I have added
-better sound effects
-shield and hull integrity to reduce on collision with asteroids so now you get destroyed only if you run out of shield and hull integrity
-upgrade system, when you destroy an asteroid it may or may not drop some minerals that you can use to upgrade the hull, shield, laser, core and engine of the ship.

The upgrade system is pretty basic and not much fun as it stand but I just wanted to have something in place and now that I have it I can take it further and add more complex upgrade system maybe even a crafting system along with a bunch of other things I may going to work on in the future.

I can steer left with A but cannot steer right with D for some reason (Chrome).

Otherwise, looks pretty awesome, old style. :slight_smile:

It is weird, the controls works in Chrome on my side :confused:
I have experienced some bugs on Linux with sound and position of objects, but on Windows everything works here.

Yeah, this “old style” the only style I can do “right” :laughing:

Right hand control mode works fine, but left still not. I’m on win 10. I hate hard to trace bugs too.
The style is perfect for this game type, gives a more authentic feel.

I just can’t reproduce the problem with the controls, it works on all systems in all browser on my side :frowning:
But I don’t think I can do anything about it anyway. Controls are handled by GD as many other things. In most cases I can only hope it works for most people :cry:

I agree. If we wanted to make life complicated, we theoretically should be able to parse commands through Javascript manually and then store results in Gdevelop variables and then use those variables, but… that of course is useless as it would defeat the point of using Gdevelop, and potentially even cause issues with other functions that listen for keystrokes. :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know why it bugs either. But it’s a new day today, so I’ll try again Chrome, and Firefox too.

Edit: Chrome is still a no no, but firefox works well. Maybe a plugin like Adblock (but I have that on Firefox too)…

P.S. What kind of web hosting do you use for your game, and is it expensive?

Thanks for trying I’m appreciate your efforts. I think it is something that 4ian would call a “ghost” :stuck_out_tongue:
It is definitely something on your side but I hope it does not effecting many people.

The hosting ( is completely free:

You can register on the website and upload and share just about any digital content. Games, tools, books, assets, music
It cost you money only if you make revenue. When you upload something, you can decide if your content is available for free or not. In case you share your content for free, you don’t need to pay anything. In case you want to charge money for your content or display ads then you need to pay a small amount of revenue share to but otherwise it is completely free to use.

I was just look in to the FAQ on and seems like since last time I was looking in to this they introduced “open revenue sharing” which means, you decide how much revenue share you want to pay to So in case you don’t want to, you don’t need to pay anything and you can even sell your content completely free, pay nothing to or you can be generous and pay 100% revenue to support the store. You get a 0-100% slider and you can change anytime how much revenue you want to pay. It pretty awesome.

That sounds pretty awesome about the website. :slight_smile: P.S. Are you working still on this game, or planning some different project?

I do have some ideas for this project and other projects too but I don’t actually feel motivated to develop them. So, no I don’t really plan anything. I may going to develop this project further or others when I have the mood to do it but nothing specific.

Right. Sometimes development takes longer than expected, so do it when you feel inspired. More fun, and less painful. :slight_smile:

Full source is available now at:

Really Nice example ddabrahim.

I have a question… i probably missed something in the last updates, but how do you changed the color of the comment to green (scene “play”, group “update”) ?

It was made in GD4, it supports custom color for comments and event groups. So the functionality is there, GD5 can even render the right color, just lacking the color selector.

Exactly what I was thinking ! Ok I’m up to date then :stuck_out_tongue: