At the beginning of the scene/hide the object not hiding obj

I have a text object in a external layout. My scene call a external event. In the external event I have the text object set to hide with a condition of at the beginning of scene. But for some reason it shows up when the scene starts. Am I limited to the number of “At the beginning of the scene” conditions? The rest of my events work in the external event.

Is the external layout created before the object is hidden ?

Odd, I had it linked in the scene before I linked to the external calling to create the layout and it didn’t hide it on initial scene load. I did it as the last linked External and it didn’t show my message when conditions were met. I went to the external n which I activate the layout and added my link after and it worked. I must have something buried somewhere that screwed it up and was throwing me off.
Thank you for getting me on track :slight_smile: