Attack animation not playing second frame

I saw multiple posts about a problem like this, but I couldn’t understand them. I made an attack animation where the character takes a spear and thrusts it forward. The way you control which direction it moves in is by moving the arrow keys left or right. But ever since the animation could go left or right, the second frame of the two-frame animation has not been playing. Please give me an alternative method of making it so that my animation can be turned left or right, or tell me how to make the second frame of the animation happen. (btw I checked to see if there is anything interfering with the animation and there is not.

The behaviour sounds like there’s an animation change elsewhere. Can you screen shot the events above those you have in your first post?

You should really add “(inverted) z key is pressed” to many of those events (But preferably to the first two animation events)

Thank you! It works now.

A brief explanation to what the issue was so you understand.

If an animation is set and it’s the same as it is currently, the animation is not changed or reset. It stays at the current animation frame.

If the animation is different, then it’s reset to the first frame.

When you press left key and Z key, two of your events are triggered - the left key is pressed, and the left key and Z keys is pressed.

The first event sets the animation to “LeftWalk”, while the second resets it to “attackLeft”, and therefore the first attackLeft frame.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll try to keep that in mind for future projects.