Audio echo after interstitial ad

So I have setup my interstitial ads when the player hits the obstacle, it also triggers a sfx coincidentally. So the ad plays and unless you close it manually it doesn`t return to the game and whenever you return back to the game it creates an echo in the sfx! This sure looks like a bug…anyone has faced this before? Also way to get around it?? Thank you!

Usually, echo means a “Trigger once” is missing.


Checked it, it does have trigger once in the condition, will try to add variable in the action and do it again…

Update: adding a variable didn`t help either…still an echo( double delayed repetition)

You’ll have to show us the related events for further help

ok here…

it`s set from 4 cuz i want the ads to appear at the 4th try, the banner works ok. Only the interstitial delays the audio

Thanks. Looks okay.
So when the interstitial shows, the sound doesn’t load, and when the interstitial is closed, the sound is played like twice in a row, is that right?

Yes, that`s the problem…. would be great if someone can replicate the situation and try it on their end

Well, sounds like a bug indeed.
I’ll move the topic to Bug reports.
I don’t use ads, so I can’t help you with that. Let’s see if someone else can.
If you’re able to reproduce the issue in a dummy project, we can send that to the devs.

sure, will do that…

Me too T.T​:sob::sob::sob::sob:
If you find a solution, please let me know.