Automatically adjust zoom

When I open the mask editor, the original size of the sprite is displayed, and it’s always too small to move the points around precisely:

I think it would be more logical if, by default, the zoom was adjusted to the sprite, whatever its size:

There would still be the “Restore original size” button, if needed.


I would also add that these viewers should have the nearest neighbor filter applied by default when the image is “fit” or zoomed-in on the viewer pane, and have a checkbox toggle to disable it if you want once you are watching at default size, this is because when you zoom-in as in the screen shot it always look blurry and this is not ideal for pixel art games preview since the smaller the pixel art is the blurrier it gets and it looks awful when setting hitboxes or points (which sometimes do need to be precise and you use the pixel art to guide yourself).