Backup project, but with same key

Its no problem to update oldest *aab in my android console, if I still use the exactly same Gdevelop project file ( same project file, and same location ). But if I backup my project ( copy to other location in my PC ), then I use it to update my app in android console, its going to error key.

How to backup our project file but with same key, so we can use it to update the oldest app in future? Or how the solution for this problem? Thanks.

What key are you talking about?

sorry, i mean different certificate error on android console,like this :

Please read this page:

I have no problem with update from apk to aab. The problem is when I update from *aab (old version) to another *aab (newer version) on Playstore.

For example, if I save my project as /home/project.json. And I make some update, and I “save as” at same location (home/project.json), then i build the new *aab, its no problem to update my old *aab in playstore.
But when I “save as” to other location (example : home/projectv2.json), I can’t update my old *aab in my playstore.
So I cant backup my project to another place.

I find that strange. You use the online build, or you build it yourself?

I use online build. this is confusing. but that’s what happened.

I see.
What if instead of using “save as”, you copy-paste the project folder yourself in a file explorer. Does that work any better?
Can you confirm if this project started as an APK, or if the first uploaded version was already an AAB?

I think this problem just in old version of Gdevelop, before 5.0.121 or 5.0.124.
Since i use 5.0.124 I can update my aab with no problem, although I use different file project ( or backup file ) provided have the same package name.

Thank you for your reply.

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