Banned on gdevelop discord

I have no idea why I was banned, so can at least a staff unban me?


You successfully get yourself banned, that’s not anything.
Because your behavior was unacceptable, you alienated two moderators in a short time.
I’ll study your demand with the moderation team, but first, I’ve some questions:

  • Why should we cancel the ban?
  • What do you think was the reason for the ban?
  • What did you learn from it?

You should cancel the ban because I promise I won’t repeat my behaviour again. (also i need help for gdevelop related stuff.)

I think the reason for the ban was because i was kind of joking with the mods by being sarcastic like “i’m gonna send a meme in general”, then I sent an emoji. Then i got warned, then I mindlessly argued with the mods and then got banned.

I learnt that i shouldn’t really make jokes in the server or anything since it’s a server for support. Will I get unbanned?? Discord ID: AttestedAtom675#6284


(sorry for replying 1 month later. I forgot i made this thread)

No need to state the circumstances again, we remember them, and even if we did not we have more trustworthy logs already.

You have been warned 3 times after you knowingly broke the same rule, with the last one explicitly stating that if you do it again, you would be banned. You broke it again, and we temporarily banned you for 7 days. Upon being unbanned, you immediately proceeded to break that rule again, leading to your permanent ban.

Not only that, but you admitted on using an alt on this server after your ban, which is against both our rules and the discord ToS, and you tried to create drama by spamming with that alt that you were banned for no reason and that moderators/admins should be punished, which while not being explicitly being against the rules, is a clear sign that you are a troublemaker.

Breaking a rule once by accident can happen. This is not what happened, you clearly intentionally caused trouble and broke our rules. Now, live with the consequences of your actions. You won’t be unbanned.

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