Basic 3D graphics

I believe that before there was an extension to have basic 3D objects. Is it not possible to do this now? I only need a sprite in perspective with a sensation of movement, it is not for the game but for the game menu like something decorative. Like in this video:

This video is a fake to make views. GDevelop does not have 3D or any kind of perspective tools.


It would be great if tween feature could make 3D perspective of the 2D sprites. Simple behaviour is ok, no collisions and masks, just motion.

3d perspective is a confusing term.
If you mean Surface projection/distortion, that tops my list of wished features.

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Great you want it too.

Actually I have done a game that looks like the fake above. You can try it in the link below. The text and instructions are in Swedish but just klick on the arrow to get to the game. While playing klick on the hands to catch the items on the shelves.

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It’s looks great, for these purposes precisely Gdevelop should have some easy feature.

to make a game in this stile, the feature is not really necessary, since i assume the picture is static anyway.

the reason i want that feature is, i have a perspective on the board, means i have to use sprites & animations, for each position on the board+turnanimations.

if a distortion/projection feature would exist, i could cut down the image amountby like 80%

this is how a flyer creature looks like atm:

with a projection feature, i would only need 1 image for front and back and the holo animation.