Beginner Tutorial 2 Mouse Condition

I am attempting Beginner Tutorial 2 … rtutorial2

I get down to where it reads to Add a Condition and the condition added needs to be ‘Mouse’. I’m going to assume that is ‘Mouse and Touch’, but ‘A Button Is Pressed’ is not an option. (See below for full text)

Working through other tutorials I was able to either look at the image or watch the video and determine what option I actually needed, but this part does not have an image to use as a cheat.

There is where I am suck. What do I do next?

(Full text)
Choose the condition Mouse > A button is pressed. Write Left in the parameter ( or click on the button on the right of the parameter to display an helper ) and close the window by clicking on Ok.
The condition is now added to the event.

I think it will be this event:

It is possible that the tutorial was written before some updates to Gdevelop, because it did not always have the “Touch” part written. But it is the same function.

You can either write left, or click on the little mouse icon, then make a left click, so the field will fill out “Left” for you automatically:

Thank you. That did it!