Best Practices: Optimization?

After several weeks of getting more comfortable with GDevelop, I see the GDevelop team just released a tutorial video on Youtube (Optimization - Intro Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube) addressing certain code optimization do’s and don’ts. I’ve already broken some of these rules in my first test projects with object sizes, collision checks, etc. Right now I’m learning and experimenting, but I’m on track to begin developing my first games, and it would have been a shame to get further down that road while using poor coding practices. I’m looking for advice and best practice suggestions from experienced GDevelop users for avoiding pitfalls and starting strong. Anyone willing to share their experiences and advice?

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Isn’t that what that tutorial is for?

Yes, of course. But I get the feeling they’re only scratching the surface in that video. GDevelop seems to have a ton of functionality yet to be explored by their official tutorials, and I’m sure the GDevelop team is hard at work prioritizing and producing more content. I’m wondering if the community has any insight, through trial and error, on additional best practices not covered in the one official optimization tutorial.

I’ll respond with the same thing I said on Reddit for people who might be interested:

Did you already take a look at this wiki page?

@arthuro555 Wow, fantastic resource. I’ve bookmarked. Thank you very much!