Best practices

Hello, I am wondering if someone would be willing to point in the right direction for either an example, a tutorial, or just some general information on how to “layout” a game. For instance, I want to keep everything organized, for example I make a scene and call it “character movement” and I put all the movement events in that, and maybe ai in another, etc. The reason I am asking is that I discovered how to “link” a scene to another but clearly I am missing a step, since linking them did not cause my character to move. I hope this makes sense. Thank you.

I think you should read this : … nal_events

External events are often used to organize your game and to reduce the amount of events in a single scene. If you really don’t understand how it works, take a look at the example. :wink:

Besides, you can organize events insidd your scene or your external event using Groups. You can found this special event by clicking on the Add… button in the event editor. (5.1 KB)

Thanks for the example. I read the wiki before posting the question but for some reason didn’t quite get how it works. I’ll take a look at the example :smiley:

Thanks for everything. This silly newbie appreciates all the help :blush: :smiley: