Beta100 Camera disappearing objects

I have an issue with the camera where after the camera moves a certain distance from the starting position the character that its following disappears and so do some scene objects.

Note: Only started once I updated to beta100 this morning

Could you please upload an example project replicating this issue?

I’m new to the forum, how do I upload the project?

You can also share an image of those events that are giving you some troubles. And you have also to take a look to those events that aren’t the camera action but interact indirectly with the same objects you are talking about, because sometimes they are the problem

This is all i have for events and its when the camera moves past a certain point, Were the player is has zero effect.

try using “Center camera on an object” and you choose the object to be following of instead of using those 2 actions “change the x position of camera” and “change the y position of camera”

Ive tried that, im using those so the camera is smooth.