Better examples development

I am in a process of developing better examples than ones provided with GD - some of them are glitchy (platformer demo), while others are someway too complicated to understand, though it is unnecessary complication since same effect can be achieved with less complicated formulas. For now I am de4veloping new breakout/arkanoid example which contain title screen example and ball movement is easier to understand (older used some funky calculation instead of using ball’s direction to control movement).

//edit: And please respond in English as I don’t speak French. Thanks.

I’ll will happily add them to the examples ( or replace current examples with them ) if you manage to create better examples. :slight_smile:


Hello, I recently read this, some days ago I create the example “ObjectSelectionExplanation” with a WC3 style (with rect selection and shift selection).
Here is, if you can see it:
Only have a problem, I didn’t can that, when you hold Left Shift and select some tanks selected yet, these tanks unselected, when I tried to do, or was until (because was two sub-events, one when the tanks was selected, unselect they, and the other, when the tanks was unselected, select theys, first unselect they and immediatly select they) or GD simply explode, close.

Only a last detail, the two basic points names are “Origin” and “Centre”, but in english is “Center”.

“Centre” is a correct UK english word. :wink:

Better, “Centre” is easier for me, because “Centre” in Spanish is “Centro” :smiley: