Better preview

I’d like to request better preview of game working like in other game soft.

After hitting “Test Game” button game (full game, not only current scene) would be compiled to temporary directory and ran like it would normally. This way we would be able to detect bugs in our games related to things which doesn’t exactly work like after compiling (quitting, switching scenes, etc.).

You may say that current scene preview is good enough. True, it IS good, but role of preview is to be as faithful to compiled game as possible. Look at RAD programming IDEs like Delphi. They don’t have “Form preview”. No, when you hit Run button application is actually compiled and loaded into memory and then executed.

Also for debugger part of Preview, you may embed debugger window inside “preview” version of game and bind to some key combination that probably nobody will use in his/her game (like ctrl+alt+shift+f12 or so)

Yes, a preview for the whole game would definitely be a good improvement.