Better ratio and resolution on Android

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I’m really in love with GDevelop, but I have some problems with the resolution. I rode a lot of answers on this forum, but I still don’t understand how to choose the best size and ratio.

I want to develop a game for Android similar to “Ninja Raiden” and “Shadow Knight”.

Ratio problem:
My device is 20:9, and the games are full screen. Is it best to work in 16:9 and then cut upper and lower areas to fit the screen?

I’d like to choose the best resolution. Is 1080p too much? Is it better to work in something like 1280x768 and then zooming? Is there a big difference?

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Since you mentioned it’s for Android, yes.
1080p is too much.

1280 x 768 is considered good enough for most devices, including a tablet for that high definition graphic.

I learned that the hard way…I made my game a 1080p and it was extremely laggy and the game size was ginormous

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I’ll try 1280x768. And… for the ratio, I chose: “Change height to fit the screen or window size”.

I hope all be ok!

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