Better resolution images of character

I am using “Holly” character as a baseline for my game and I am looking for tips on how to improve the image resolution while increasing its size for my requirements. The image gets pixelated when I increase its size or zoom it.

I tried the same image correction with GDevelop Platformer example character “Monster” and did not find any such issues with it while increasing its size, but with “Holly” I am really out of ideas on improving its resolution and clarity.

Any advice/tips? Is there a way I can get better resolution images of the character, or place a request to create one for me?

Hi, I don’t know the ‘Holly’-character but there are limits how far you can increase the size of a sprite until it looks not good any more. Some people would recommend that sprites should never be increased, only scaled down. Generally, it is better to have smaller sprites but it depends how much you scale them up.

My guess is that “Holly” was made in a lower resolution than the “monster” sprite and there is not much you can do to change that without redrawing the character.

You could ask here in the forum or in another place if someone does it, but very likely it won’t be for free.

Thanks for the info. I am trying to redraw the character myself.