BIG BUG: OR creates a "select"

Imagine this situation:

Event OR:
object1 is on floor
object1 is not in movement
variable x = 2

something object1

if for example object1 is not on the floor and is in movement, doesn’t matter if the variable x = 2, the action will never be done because it makes a select on the group object1, removing all the object 1

but this is an or, all the object1 should be afected because the condicion x = 2 is true

That’s a tricky situation. Can you send us an example (with simpler conditions such as X position conditions and Y position conditions showing the bug) ?

Meanwhile, you can cut your event into 2 or 3 events (but it’s not optimal).

You can put the “Variable x = 2” condition inside a AND (inside the OR) with a second condition : “Select all object1 objects”

What I did is
no condition → variable temp = 0
all conditions → variabla temp = 1
if variable temp = 1 → what I want to do

I think the behaviour of the “or” should be something like:
dog is WHITE
dog is BLACK → we obtain a list of dogs that are white or black (both)

another case
dog is WHITE
dog is BLACK
variable x = 5 → if variable x is different to 5 then we should obtain a list of dogs whites and black, but if variable x is 5 then we should obtain ALL the dogs.

I’ll investigate this issue next week :wink: (I’m in an exam week currently :frowning: )