Big bug since new update

when two cars in my game collide they have to stop. But since the update, the collision is only recognized in one direction.

That is to say, if car 1 rushes into car 2 the collision is recognized, and the cars stop.

On the other hand, if car 2 rushes into car 1, the collision is no longer recognized.

I specify that when I reinstall the previous version of gdevellope, the bug disappears.

Has anyone else encountered the same problem.

How can I report this to the developers?

Small precision, I use the collision recognition system of the physics 2 behavior

Thanks for reporting, @Mr_morse.
Can you share a screenshot of the scene and the related events?

Another one for you, @alexandresi ? :grimacing:

Yes I think so!
@Mr_morse thank you for taking the time to report this issue!

Could it be possible that you send me your project with a few indications about how to reproduce the situation so that I can have a look?

Do you speak french ? Most easy for me ^^

How can i send you my folder with all ?

If you click on his username, a window will pop up with a Message button.
Upload your zipped project on or similar, and send him the link. :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing your game, the bug is now fixed in v5.0.138.

Thanks a lot !

apparently, It wasn’t a big hard bug to fix.
sending the game helped you? Did you manage to find and fix the problem without testing the game?

It took me quite a while to find out that it was from the update. It drove me crazy ^^

most of the time the origin of the bug is between the keyboard and the office chair, but for once it was not my fault ^^


The example helped, it always helps!