Biggest problems with LINUX version of the editor

Game Develop 3.4.73

Keyboard does not work in the events editor.

  • You can NOT shift-select multiple events
  • You cannot copy and paste using the keyboard, instead you have to right click a lot and gets very tedious after a while.

Mouse interaction in the scene editor:

  • middle click dragging works on panning, but when you release the middle click button- GD keeps panning the view. Instead the user has to middle click again in order to release it from panning the view. It would be more predictable if it releases on middle mouse button release.
    -Some times cursor icon freezes in a <–> state permanently

Debugger in native mode

  • Opening the debugger during gameplay drops control of the game (clicking and input). To make things worse the game keeps running. If you give the gameplay window focus, you still have no working controls.
    GD should PAUSE the game while the window is not in focus and the player has no control over it.
    GD debugger should not permanently disable gameplay control.

-Debugger does not work in html5 mode.

Thanks for the summary. :smiley:
Note that middle click and debugger related problems are not specific to Linux but are general bugs (or even “features”, I mean the middle click is not a bug but was designed to works like now)

well, last i checked the keyboard does work on windows version. There I remember being able to select more than one events. :laughing:

I thought that this has been broken for ages in the linux version and nobody seems to care here. It is such a basic feature, GD is like handicapped without it .

I dont mind the middle click problem that much actually. But it did confuse me to begin with. No other software behaves like this. None.

The code that deals with thes key is correct but it doesn’t work on Linux (not the fault of game develop).

Well, it worked in 2.xx seriesquite well from what I remember.

Maybe Linux should use e.g. X11 input directly and cut it via conditional compilation when compiling on other systems?

sounds like it needs to be ported over then :smiley:
Can you put in linux specific fix to get it working on linux built versions?

If a keyboard works in all other software but yours, then your software is broken not the OS.
It might be written correct for windows. If it doesnt work under most linux distros, it is a bug having to do with your implementation. Not being functional means broken to the end users.

Its part of the job of supporting more than one OS.
I suppose mac OS will also need specific fixes.

Just to say that the event sheet shortcuts problem has been fixed in the last version of GDevelop. :wink: