Black screen after renaming variable

in my first project it is just that after renaming a variable simply a black look screen is displayed when starting the game.
When I start the game with debugger, no error messages are displayed there.
EDIT: Why are no messages displayed in the debugger?
I’ve tried to load it in a browser to see the console there but the game hangs while starting.

After I gave the variable the old name again, everything was displayed correctly at startup again.

I have also tried this with other variables and there it worked without problems. What could be the reason why there is a black screen with renaming this one variable?
Thanks for any hint!

When the game crashes, GDevelop’s debugger cannot connect to the game to inspect it, since, well, it crashed :upside_down_face:

You can see the source of the crash in the JavaScript console, by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I in the preview window. Please share, it might be a bug with GDevelop!

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Ok thank you! I just found out that the error was because I forgot to rename the newly named variable as well where it is used as in a division. So this division only zero / nil triggered this crash!

Surely the debugger works differently here than in other programming languages, because there the IDE and the debugger catches such errors. There is so much new to learn…