Black screen in IE11 and MS Edge

Hi, I’m using GDevelop 5.0.0-beta80 based on GDevelop.js and when I open the game in IE and Edge, I just see a black screen.
I guess that the initialisation fails (to run)?

Does that come as a surprise? :grimacing:
Seriously, I don’t know about IE, but Edge seems to work.
Try an example project, and tell us about how you “open the game”.

Well in IE not really! I know how terrible it is.
Edge works local, but not when uploaded online. (Also with the isometric example opened, exported to local folder)

Hmm I do see the examples on the gdevelop-app site working when loaded from edge online to test it… Maybe the host of my files blocks something…

But that online editor doesn’t load in IE (no I’m not surprised! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

Local web exports if you open them directly in Chrome, it doesn’t work because Chrome has a security policy that blocks the game’s local resources.
On Edge it works well.
On IE there is a bug i report it now.

For an online web export, this is supposed to work everywhere.
IE seems to have a bug so we’ll see after the fix.

I’ve used Isometric example.