Black Sprite objects when exported to android

I was developing this game for the GDevelop gamejam #4 and I wanted to export and test on my android device. But some of these PNG images do not visible on the screen. As you can see, the black images (Cave_element_2, 3 & 4) are very similar to the one that appear on the screen (Cave_element_1).
I tweaked the images and exported again to check, but the same issue occurs.

i am testing on Mi 11T with android 13 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with android 13.

If i remember correctly it is due sprite image is too big for android device to handle
Limit was 1000x1000 or 2000x2000x pixels depending on device

But someone confirm this cause i am not 100% sure that was the case

I confirm the limit on recent mobile devices is 2048px.

Without more details on the resources, I cannot comment further.

Is that so? One of the image is about 5000 px :frowning:

Sprites that size won’t work reliably (and potentially at all) even on desktop, usually.

It’s been asked about on the forums a few places, but here’s my most recent posts: Large sprite issues - #2 by Silver-Streak
Question about preloading resources - #2 by Silver-Streak

At a high level, just know that sprites generally don’t go above 500x500 in modern games, for memory and rendering purposes. Even Spiritfarer’s sprites stay under that size (and larger screen-sized areas are made up of numerous chunks of sprites so they can load/unload from memory as needed).