Black Status bar above the screen Android

  1. when i open the game for the first time, it was full screen

  2. when i close the game and open it again it become like this ( not full screen )

  3. and then when i swipe the notification bar, then it become full screen again

is it a bug or what? how can i fix this issue?

It seems it’s not getting the correct screen size value when you open it again.
Do you close the game or do you switch to other apps?
Can you confirm your screen size, OS, and GDevelop version.

I think there is something I must add inside the config.xml,

Because i try other people game.apk which made by Gdevelop it has the same issue aswell.

I try also this game made by Gdevelop “Swamp by After Apocalypse” it has the same issue aswell.

So, I think the problem is something missing in config.xml file maybe must add some code or something.

What do you think??

What is your mobile ? and which version of android ?
Because this the demo of swamp i didn’t see the status bar.

I think one app on your mobile is as overlay. Or it’s a option in android ?

I think you haven’t answered any of my questions. :sweat_smile:

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