Blender to Sprite

Oh I didn’t saw those keyframe first then I saw 251 frame instead of 250 that’s why I asked

i wonder what happend to the boots texture

what is the name of that mat for boots?

all this? Btw how was your pc handling this amount of poly?
And I am checking the boot w8

this is what i wonder every time i start blender lol

Lol your pc could die for that.
Is this looks ok? and did you used separate lighting for Legs?

no there are 2 lights in the scene that are parented to the cube in the middle, like the camera. boots look good.
Well when i start the renderscript the pc basicly freezes, but actually manged to render the pics. the magic of blender 2.76

Is the script adjusted in the file already or I have to put that manually?

the save directory has to be adjusted. otherwise it should be ready to go.

Can you check the Boot mat again please you may have missed something which I am searching…but didn’t find yet …

ME_Steel does not have a texture, its a node only based material

Yea I saw that but Idk why the brown texture not coming up in render

hmm. idk, the texture seems to show up just fine on the model. but there is no extra light ether.

i assume the link to the normalmap is broken

Fixed Generator was disconected
Is everything ok?

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seems like it.
Thanks ALOT for your effort! Very much appreciated <3

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Check this Link

i am not entirely sure if the other metalparts show lightreflection.
can you render a 45 or 135 degree render to check if there is light on the shoulders?

i see there might be an issue with the script.
in line 25: should be zfill(3) not 2. idk if it would work anyway.
frmNum = str( f-startFrame ).zfill(3) # Formats 5 → 005