Blinking/disappearing and reappearing platforms

So I am making a rhythm-based platformer where platforms disappear and reappear to the beat of the music, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi, you can use scene timers for that, for example the beat of your music is at time 00:5 seconds,
start a timer named “Beat_1”

The timer “Beat_1” is greater than 4 second : Change the opacity of the platform to 0

What Stoicorum mentioned is pretty good, essentially you have to know the music yourself, what you want to do based on the music.
Timers already use TimeDelta() function but you may need to use it when you add other things that don’t use timers, such as gradual object opacity.

It may also be worthwhile to go more abstracted on how you are doing your timings.

Instead of manually calculating (turn on if timer is greater than 15 secs) or something, you may want to record your songs beats per minute as a scene variable, the time signature of your song as another one, and then use events and timers just based off those numbers.

I don’t have any examples, but it seems like going down that path may make you have to repeat less work in each stage. You would need to figure out the best way to accomplish this method, as music theory is beyond me, though.