Blood Effect that leaves blood on the ground

How would I create a blood effect when an enemy gets show it bleeds, then leaves blood on the ground?

Hi what I do to make that is jjust to create a new Sprite named blood and add the platformer behavior so it’s easy to add forces or use the platformer behavior, plus is affected by gravity, so when I need an enemy to bleed just create a lot of blood sprites randomly at the enemy position and since blood has a platformer behavior falls naturally and I can check:

If blood is in colllision with floor then do
blood Stop (and remove all forces) this way the blood remains in the floor

Plus I add Tween to the blood so
if blood is in collision with floor
Add Tween named “FadeOut” set opacity to 0 for 5000 (Which is 5 sconds)
Then if Tween is finished
Delete blood

Hope this logic helps.


Thanks, would that work for a top-down game?

Nop, I don’t think that logic only apply to a platformer type game.

It could be done using this extension:

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Are there tutorials on how I could use this for a Top-Down shooter?