Bomirates - my 3 months work as a hobby

I am a civil engineering student that used to game alot. Lately (starting from last year) I chose to make my own. I started slow on a couple quiz games. Three months ago, I started working on an another game type which can be played on both a browser and a phone - Bomirates.

Here is the link to the game,

I hope you’d give me constructive feedbacks to build on.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Here are the links to the game:

  1. For PC: Bomirates by MasmitaniGames
    If you dont want to play it from a browser, you can scroll down and download windows, linux or MacOs versions

  2. For mobile phones:

IOS: (browser, not on the store yet :/)

Game was good but I found the control a bit lazy . Is that done on purpose?

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For a couple of casual game plays is fun, but the game mechanics quickly become repetitive. I encourage you to keep improving with your next games.

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Yes it was; should it be changed?

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Noted, will look for that in the future.

Maybe you can try to make that smother

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I will be working on that.
Where you played the game on? (Pc/phone…)

I played that with pc

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For the first game, I would assign points to the pirates and use them to decide which ones appear and to increase the difficulty. For ex: 5 points: can have two yellows and a green, or one red and one yellow, etc.
Starting the game with 4 reds and others is very hard (esp. with the mouse).

For the second game, the bombs should spawn at random, and close to Player.X().

The adventure is cool, but it’s hard to tell when exactly the bomb will touch the ground.

keep it up :+1:

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Nice ideas, didnt noticed that.
Thx for tge feedback :blush: