Bones and image editor

Adding a bone feature to GD for easy animations for body part sprites and a image editor

Victor has skeleton extension on his site which adds bones to GD. I don’t know why 4ian didn’t add it to base GD installation as it is very useful. And image editor would be useful, I agree, but you should try graphics gale, as it is great editor for pixelart.

The extension is nice but alas a bit hard to use and I do not have time to maintain it nor to enhance it.

it looks like he doesnt have the time to maintain it either- as the plugin is outdated and wont run on the newest version of gamedevelop.

It’s a nice feature to have- for procedural stuff- like swapping armor or reusing animation.

You could invest in writing (automatism) for spriter. Ashley (scirra) has been actively working with it’s developers to get a first class plugin working. … ture=share