Sorry if the title is misleading, I’m only about 25% fluent in french according to dual lingo.
I’m an artist by trade but I’ve gotten the itch to make a video game. I’ve got some roots in web design, but not a bit of coding experience when it comes to games. So I’m fairly excited to find that these type of engines exist. Of course I may learn some coding along the way hopefully.

I do have a few questions about Gdeveleop while I’m writing this.
As far as limitations go, hypothetically, would it be possible to make a game such as Doom64, or LOZ Minish Cap on GBA?
To test the software I was trying just to create links house in that particular zelda game as I have all the sprites and sound files for it. So far, I’ve just got the background put in :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, glad there’s people working on this engine diligently, and well done for being open source. Hopefully I’ll be able to transform my art and ideas into a solid game :slight_smile:


A game like Minish Cap can be created with this engine. The 2D RPG movement style is easy to enable. Search for a feature called “Top-Down Movement” in the engine.

Collision Detection can be done by using the Events included in the “Space Marine” template in GDevelop. View my attachment to see the Events. All objects and characters must be added to a group called “Solid”, and the Events in the picture will allow your game to function like a Zelda game, so your character won’t walk through walls and characters that must be solid.

I don’t know if a game like Doom can be created with GDevelop. I’ve never played it. I don’t know if the camera can move around in 3D space or if it can only be viewed from the front of the game. I asked if that can be done in this forum yesterday and I haven’t received a response yet.

Thank you for your reply, top down games have always been the type I’ve spent the most time playing.
Doom64 is fun, and most of the animations seem simple and sprite based. A similar type of game design would probably load well in html5
Just opened the GDev app yesterday for the first time, I’ll see if I can get my test level further along with the image you attached. Thanks :^)

The picture I showed was a copy of the events in the “Space Marine” template in the engine, and I managed to walk through walls with it. I don’t know why that glitch happened. I also don’t understand the part that says “if main_character’s distance to Solid is below 400 pixels”. Why did the developer choose 400 pixels in his template?

Since I am confused, I decided to I add a new picture to this post that only includes the collision method. I haven’t unintentionally walked through walls with this code yet.

And the parts of the code in my last post that say “Z-Order” are probably to allow a character to appear like he is behind a wall, like if the main character in an RPG walks downward and the southern wall is taller than him. The game would show the wall and the character would not appear on the screen. I’ve never worked on a game with that detail, so I don’t understand how it works.

If an object is a member of the “Solid” group, it will walk through the other objects in the Solid group! I don’t know how to fix that!

You could become frustrated like I am, and decide to enable physics and not use the Events for collisions. I was testing my game and decided to enable physics, and I set all walls and buildings as “Static Objects” in the settings. Hahaha.
example of collision detection - 2.png

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