Box2D eval problem


I’m making an app for KaiOS where the JS eval command is not allowed. So, when I export my project, it can not run on the platform.

Is there any version of box2d.js without using eval? (projects without box2d works fine)
Or the source so I can minify it using any other technique that does not use eval?


While there may be a version of Box2D that doesn’t use eval, there isn’t any version of GDevelop that would contain it.

As far as I know, you’d need to find that information (likely on a Box2D forum), and figure out how to include it in the GDevelop engine in some manner, as well as setting up your own physics/interactions code.


Can you point from where the code used by GDevelop comes from? I saw a bunch of websites and repos with Box2D JS versions. If I can find the right one from where GDevelop got it, maybe I can get the source code from there and try to minify myself.

GDevelop is an awesome tool!