Browser preview not working

For some reason I can’t test my game in safari or chrome mobile browser. Game just keeps refreshing when it gets to the end of the loading bar. Is there a fix for this? It was working fine previously, I can’t get passed the splash screen

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Hi @Rodneytubbs09
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Are you working on Safari on Desktop?


Im using preview from:

iPhone 13 Pro Max version 16.3.1 &

iPad version 16.3.1

“safari” & “chrome” both have the game stuck in what seems like a splash screen loop

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@alexandresi Do you have any suggestions regarding the issue?

Could it be possible for you to send me your project? I will see if I can reproduce the bug on my iPad and use the developer tools to understand where it comes from.

Go to File > Save as > Download a copy and zip it (you can add a password if you want the transfer to be safer)

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It’s ready to send, can I email it to you?