[BUG] Collision checking does not work inside an OR block

It seems if I do collision checking inside an OR block, the event is unable to reference objects not involved in the collision.

Not sure if it’s a bug, but for some reason I would expect it to work.

Here is a project that replicate the problem:

Using GDevelop 5.2.166
macOS 13.4.1

IDK if I would call it a bug, that’s just how Gdevelop works. Gdevelop doesn’t work strictly with true and false. It also “picks” the matching objects. So, while it triggers the actions, there aren’t any objects to apply the actions to. You would need to use a pick all instances of the red.

An alternative would be to put the objects in a group and skip the OR You would still need to pick the other objects.

Well, I would think the actions should also pick the first [0] instance from the pool if the conditions didn’t picked one already. At least this is my expectation. But thank you for the suggestion I’ll keep that in mind.

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You’re welcome. It can be frustrating. Sometimes, it would be nice if the logic was disconnected from the picking.