Bug in "AND"

I’ve found a weird bug:

ScreenWidth() <= 1920 → The action never happens

ScreenWidth() <= 1920
ScreenHeight() <= 1080 → The action never happens

But if I do
Event with “ScreenWidth() <= 1920” as condition
Subevent with “ScreenHeight() <= 1080” as condition → The action is executed

Will investigate this issue next week :wink:

I don’t have any problems with the AND condition : it works perfectly.

Just pointing it out, but you don’t need to use AND conditions if it’s not inside an OR condition. As Victor pointed out in another thread, GDevelop automatically uses AND for conditions that are not inside an OR condition. Just having 2 things in the same condition gives it AND properties.

Maybe the auto “AND” and the manual “AND” together is causing issues?