Bug in multitouch touch ids?

The multitouch touch ids appear to be incrrectly set. Unlike the previous incarnation of the multitouch, there is no touch 0, and in the current multitouch, touch #1 is for the left mouse button.

The first touch made is assigned to touch #2, the second to touch #3 and so on.

This script prints out the x co-ordinate of each touch:

and results in these outputs:

  1. 1 touch:

  2. 5 touches:

  3. 10 touches:

I believe that is correct behavior. A repeat is not the way multitouch should be used, when a touch is initiated its ID should be obtained with the StartedTouchOrMouseId expression and stored in some variable for querying further touches (or if you only need to know where a touch started you can just use it directly instead of storing it)

Here is an example where I only needed to process a touch that just started:

Ah, yes. With the new-look condition, I’d forgotten that bit. Thanks for the reminder.